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Grown and harvested in a clean, unpolluted environment under natural sunlight and fresh air in regularly monitored man-made ponds using clean, filtered environmentally protected mountain spring water. Spirulina is well known for supplying the important nutrients the body needs for optimum health. Spirulina is a whole food, one that is a complete protein. It contains all of the essential B vitamins as well as vitamins C and E. In addition, spirulina contains all of the major minerals including iron and zinc. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Growing spirulina is an artform, and the growers of our spirulina have truly mastered it. Our spirulina is carefully grown in purified manmade tanks, and hand cultivated to remove impurities. Instead of treating it with chemicals, our spirulina is meticulous harvested to ensure there is no contamination. In addition to this, our farm is isolated and free from other cross-contamination from airborne chemicals.

Instead of obsessing about whether something is labelled as “organic,” you should obsess about the growing conditions, the soil, the air, the heavy metals in the harvest, and (most importantly) the people involved. That’s were we come in!


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OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH WITH THE WORLD’S PUREST FORM OF SPIRULINA: Our Spirulina is grown following the most rigid Organic farming practices. We are certified Organic by all 3 Major Organic certification bodies – USDA, Naturland & Ecocert. Only source of USP Verified Spirulina

SLOWS DOWN THE AGING PROCESS: Spirulina is loaded with a wide range of anti-aging nutrients and works to slow down the aging of the skin, brain and bodily systems. Our Spirulina will leave you feeling and looking younger.

BOOSTS & STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM: Spirulina is loaded with antioxidants that reduce free radical damage It has a unique ability to fight infection and enhance cellular functioning, It will protect, detoxify and balance your body’s pH

PROMOTES BRAIN HEALTH & PERFORMANCE: Spirulina provides the brain with a multitude of nutrients it needs to operate at the optimal level. Spriulina contains a unique content of nutrients that make the brain more resistant to aging.


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